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Preternatural (2015) – Press Release

Found Footage Critic is always on the lookout for new found footage films and we couldn’t be more excited when we learned that the much anticipated film Preternatural (2015) , was nearing its release. What follows is a press release from Deadbolt films, the creators of Preternatural.

  • Produced by: Faster Indie
  • In conjunction with: Deadbolt Films &A Gang of Giants
  • Director: Gav C. Steel
  • Writer: Dixon Barker
  • Producers: Gav C. Steel & Dixon Barker
  • Executive Producer: Brian Patrick O’ Toole
  • Release: October 2015
  • Budget: £100 ($150)

When amateur film-makers Gav and Dixon set out to make a Blair Witch-style horror spoof about the preternatural, they find out that Mark- one of the actors they have hired – is not all he seems. After a misunderstanding, Mark destroys the video camera Gav and Dixon have been using and the line between reality and fiction becomes increasingly blurred. A genre-bending voyage into the unknown ensues, as the ‘reel’ and the ‘real’ collide.

Preternatural is the inaugural release from Faster Indie, in conjunction with Deadbolt Films and A Gang of Giants. It was filmed in and around Surrey, England in the summer of 2015 using a Canon 600D DSLR camera, using a variety of zoom and prime lenses.

Made on just £100 ($150),Preternaturalredefines expectations of low-budget film-making. As a character-based horror that favours tension building overjump scares, Preternatural takes audiences on a unique journey, with a mid-point twist sure to shock! With the two lead protagonists Gav and Dixon playing comically exaggerated versions of their real-life personas, Preternatural combines a range of cross-genre elements to create a bold new voice in independent horror cinema.

Preternatural is executively produced by horror veteran Brian Patrick O’Toole. Brian’s credits include working as a co-producer on British cult horror DOG SOLDIERS, NEO NED with JEREMY RENNER, BOO and the ATLAS SHRUGGED trilogy.

Preternatural is director Gav C. Steel’s second full-length release following the 1970’s slasher-inspired horrorThe Shadow of Deathin 2012. Gav’s short Tinnitus is part of the soon-to-be-released World of Death DVD/Blu-Ray collection, and his recent short, Monitor, was one of the few films to be selected for Calgary Horror Con 2015.

Writer Dixon Barker is a published short story and flash fiction writer, and has worked with a number of ITV and BBC professionals including producer and Monty Python Contributor Bernard McKenna. Preternatural is his first full-length feature.

Found Footage Critic

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