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Slaughterhouse Films

Movie Franchise

Slaughterhouse Series

The Slaughterhouse Series is a collection of found footage films hearkening from Brazil and are written and directed by Carlos Junior. The films in the series follow groups of friends who find themselves captured and tortured by an unknown asailant.

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 The Slaughterhouse films are in Portuguese language with English subtitles.
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Slaughterhouse (2012)

Found footage film following five youngsters are on their way back home. They stop the car for no reason and they begin to disappear, one by one. Some of them leave a trail of blood behind. There's a sick maniac around who just wants torture them, killing them and have a little fun with their misery. The camera they bring with them records everything.

Slaughterhouse 2: Prelude (2013)

Found footage movie where on Christmas Eve, a group of friends promote a particular party; among them a familiar face that will later unfold amid an outbreak of insanity, torture and death. The creator of the original toasts the audience with this raw prequel, with the intent to disturb the public in every way, in a spectacle of violence and mayhem.

Slaughterhouse 3 (2022)

Intrigued by theories surrounding the movie "Slaughterhouse" - Found Footage Brasileiro released in 2012 - a film student chooses the saga for a graduation project, investigating rumors that credited actors were never seen again or even exist. Gathering accounts from critics, filmmakers and cast members, he will discover that reality and fiction are closer than he imagines, and the deeper he goes, he realizes that his life and those around him may be threatened.

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