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The Wendigo (2022)

$5K - $9K 2020s All Releases Budget Range Camera Mode Camera Type Daytime Decade Evil Spirit Film Details Film Type Horror Legends/Myths Local Legends Professional Camera Supernatural Traditional Genre

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The Wendigo (2022)

Wendigos are believed to be in Minnesota's northern woods, the forests of the Great Lake Region, and the central regions of Canada. There are rumors of a lost Algonquin tribe that lived in North Carolina, who disappeared without a trace but there are reports and sightings of a creature in the woods believed by some to be the spirit of the tribe haunting those woods to this day. Viral sensation "Logan Does It All" went out to those woods to investigate the legend surrounding them. After Logan disappears his fellow influencers set out to find him.Thinking it's a prank, they take the opportunity to start a new show. However, they soon discover their first video...may be their last.

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