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TheBlood-Shed Interviews FOUND FOOTAGE CRITIC owner Michael Steinberg

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TheBlood-Shed’s own staff writer Dylan Patton interviewed Found Footage Critic owner MIchael Steinberg in an article published on May 19th, 2016 as part of the site’s “Comrades In Horror” series. Michael discusses why he created Found Footage Critic and the site’s contribution to the horror community. You can read the full article here: Comrades In Horror: Michael Steinberg.

The Blood Shed

Found Footage Critic would like to extend a special thank you to Dylan Patton for his great work on his Comrades in Horror series and recent article promoting the On Vous Ment, France Mockumentary Film Festival, and Michelle Nessk for her unwavering support of Found Footage Critic.


Found Footage Critic

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