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Walker Creek (2021)

2020s Alien Alien Invasion Aliens/UFO All Releases Budget Range Camcorder Camera Mode Camera Type Capture Proof Creature Crime Daytime Decade Document Event Film Camera Film Details Film Type Filming Reason Kidnapping Legends/Myths Mocumentary Murder Professional Camera Psychopathic / Sociopathic Collector Supernatural TBD Thriller Traditional Genre Video Diary Violent Crimes

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Walker Creek (2021)

Walker Creek is a small town with a dark secret: a hidden society of parasitic aliens taking over human hosts and turning them into shapeshifting creatures known as skinwalkers or the Hosted, with a secret human rebellion fighting for decades to stop them. After acquiring VHS tapes with evidence of the infestation from his recently-deceased father George, Daniel Shephard realizes that he has to find the truth behind his hometown, discover how to stop the Hosted, and figure out how his father was involved.

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