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Watch RASH – French Found Footage Horror Short

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Rash (2014) - Found Footage Films Movie Poster (Found Footage Horror)Late last year Found Footage Critic was approached by French director Merryl Roche, who offered us a screener of her 2014 found footage horror short film, Rash. We jumped on the opportunity to watch and review this film and were amazed by the great plot, and phenomenal acting and cinematography, so much so, that we rated the film as 9.
We subsequently covered rash on the Found Footage Files podcast and posted a written review of the film. To our surprise, following our coverage of Rash we were hit with many requests from listeners and readers asking where they could see the film. I’m happy to say that after reaching out to Merryl Roche, she graciously gave us permission to post the screener URL and password on Found Footage Critic so our readers can also enjoy the film.

Film synopsis

Alice, a medical student, buys herself a camera because she is convinced to have a rare disease and wants to prove it. Obsessed with this illness that eats her away, she neglects Ben, her boyfriend, who remains powerless. Alice then starts to mutilate herself to get to what’s hidden underneath. Official Facebook page: Rash (2014)

Watch Found Footage Horror Short Rash

We invite everyone to visit the following link to view the short film Rash:

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