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A Traveler Miro (2022)

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A Traveler Miro (2022)

A young boy named Miroslav Moskalenko, records for an audience with his iPhone after discovering a bag of tapes submerged in a lake. He creates a channel for the purpose of uploading and archiving these tapes to the internet, and in his Introduction he reveals some very Primordial secrets about himself. He reveals that he has lived since almost the beginning of time itself, and has extraordinary superpowers. But things take a dark turn, as he begins to get stalked by a Masked Individual, and a Tall Man in a Suit and Tie with No Face, known as... The SlenderMan. As the days turn to weeks, then to months, the world begins to twist and turn, dimensions and words begin to come together, new monsters come out from the darkness, Miro desperately searches for a way out of this nightmare, and how to stop it.

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