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Found Footage Critic will Appear LIVE on the HORROR HAPPENS RADIO SHOW


Promo - Horror Happens Radio Show LogoPromo - Home Grown Radio NJ - LogoMichael Steinberg, founder of Found Footage Critic and Support Horror will make a LIVE guest appearance on the Horror Happens Radio Show (HHRS) on Tuesday, January 5th from 7:35 PM to 8:30 PM EDT. Fans can hear the LIVE broadcast on HomegrownRadioNJ.org /https://hgrnj.org and on the TUNEIN APP for smart phone or mobile device.

During his 50 minute spot on HHRS, Michael will cover the Found Footage Critic website and our sister site Support Horror, the only crowdfunding site 100% dedicated to supporting indie horror filmmakers. buy Nexium online Nexium no prescription cheap Nexium generic

Topics will include…

  • Story behind Found Footage Critic
  • General found footage film discussion
  • Upcoming found footage horror films
  • Support Horror website
  • Promotion of the active indie horror film campaigns on SupportHorror.com

Note to Indie horror film directors: Make sure your SupportHorror.com campaigns are live and actively running before the live broadcast so we can promote them.

This is one show you won’t want to miss! Make sure to tune in this Tuesday to show your support. Please forward this article to get the word out to our fans!


Found Footage Critic

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