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Jimmy and Judy (2006) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

Jimmy and Judy (2006) – Found Footage Movie Trailer – Film Synopsis

In the Kentucky suburbs of Cincinnati, social misfit Jimmy Wright always has his video camera – at his psychiatrist’s, spying on his parents in their bedroom, and watching high-school senior, Judy Oaks-Kellen. He rescues Judy from a teacher and students who tease and torment her, and showing her his video tape of revenge kick-starts their friendship, which is soon in an overdrive of romance, sex, and pleasure.
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Jimmy is in and out of mental institutions, and before long, he and Judy are on the run.
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Cocaine, guns, and a commune of other misfits figure in their flight. How far can their love take them? It’s all on video.

Jimmy and Judy (2006) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

  • Jimmy and Judy (2006) is a found footage horror movie

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