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Shibuya2036 (2021) – Found Footage TV Series Trailer

Shibuya2036 (2021) – Found Footage TV Series Trailer – Series Synopsis

Shibuya, the year is 2036. In contrast to the front face of the city with its huge skyscrapers, the backside of Shibuya is a home ground for WeTubers. Mitsuru (played by Daichi Kaneko) and Kakeru (played by Kotaro Daigo), who grew up together as orphans, live a life at the bottom of the ladder with no family, education, or money, but they dream of a great turnaround in their lives by becoming popular WeTubers. One day, they encounter a mannequin uncle (played by Shôhei Uno). When he releases a video of his encounter with the suspicious mannequin uncle, the number of views on their channel increase dramatically. Viewers begin asking him for advice, and they decide to help solve their problems. However, they soon find their selves caught up in a puzzling case.

Shibuya2036 (2021) – Found Footage TV Series Trailer

  • Shibuya2036 (2021) is a found footage sci-fi series

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