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Shibuya2036 (2021) – Found Footage TV Series Trailer

Shibuya2036 (2021) – Found Footage TV Series Trailer – Series Synopsis

Shibuya, the year is 2036. In contrast to the front face of the city with its huge skyscrapers, the backside of Shibuya is a home ground for WeTubers.
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Mitsuru (played by Daichi Kaneko) and Kakeru (played by Kotaro Daigo), who grew up together as orphans, live a life at the bottom of the ladder with no family, education, or money, but they dream of a great turnaround in their lives by becoming popular WeTubers. One day, they encounter a mannequin uncle (played by Shôhei Uno). When he releases a video of his encounter with the suspicious mannequin uncle, the number of views on their channel increase dramatically.
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Viewers begin asking him for advice, and they decide to help solve their problems. However, they soon find their selves caught up in a puzzling case.
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Shibuya2036 (2021) – Found Footage TV Series Trailer

  • Shibuya2036 (2021) is a found footage sci-fi series

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