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The Monster Project (2017) – Web Series – Free

Web Series Synopsis

The Monster Project web series is an eleven part series of videos leading up to the events that take place in The Monster Project feature film. The series focuses on the traumatizing and horrific backstory of character Shiori and the events that compel her to participate in The Monster Project. Shiori filmed and uploaded these videos to her Youtube channel as proof of the evil entity following her every move.

Watch the complete web series before the feature film is released to the world on August 18, 2017!

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The Monster Project Feature Film Synopsis

In a chilling and inventive take on the classic monster movie genre, THE MONSTER PROJECT follows a group of aspiring horror filmmakers, eager to raise their YouTube subscriber count, who post an online casting call for “real life” monsters to interview for their documentary. They find three participants and choose to film them sharing their haunted experiences in a mansion in the woods on the night of a lunar eclipse.
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The production suddenly turns into a nightmare when the participants transform into a real skinwalker, vampire, and demon forcing the unsuspecting crew to fight for their lives.

The Monster Project – Full Web Series

  • Episode 1 – Shiori and her friends unwittingly open a gateway to hell when they play with a Japanese Ouiji board [8:35]
  • Episode 2 – Shiori discovers that something evil is stalking her [1:35]
  • Episode 3 – Unable to sleep and haunted by visions, Shiori is at her wit’s end [1:49]
  • Episode 4 – Shiori sets up a surveillance camera in her bedroom to capture anything out of the ordinary [3:41]
  • Episode 5 – Paranormal activity is captured on video [1:33]
  • Episode 6 – Something is not quite right with Shiori’s family [1:23]
  • Episode 7 – Shiori confronts her parents [3:26]
  • Episode 8 – Segway to The Monster Project feature film [3:20]
  • Episode 9 – Shiori learns a horrific truth from her parents [1:52]
  • Episode 10 – The evil entity reveals a hidden secret [5:15]
  • Episode 11 – Shiori discovers something that turns her world upside down [5:31]

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