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ROKU Found Footage Horror Movie VOD Channel! Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast are Coming Soon

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NEW YORK, New York – September 4, 2017 – The founders of and have announced the formation of POV Horror LLC, a horror film distribution and production company focusing on found footage horror films. The company is celebrating its launch with the release of the first Found Footage Horror Movie VOD Channel now available on ROKU devices in supported countries worldwide. The channel will be made available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast in the coming weeks, followed by PlayStation and XBox.

Found Footage Horror Film VOD Channel

The new found footage ROKU channel includes over fifty titles, including feature films, shorts, and popular found footage web series representing over 15 countries. New feature films will be added monthly and the VOD catalog will eclipse 100 titles by the end of Q4 2017.

ROKU users can subscribe to the channel monthly or annually. POV Horror is launching a free version of the found footage channel with limited ad-based content that will rotate select titles from its main catalog.

A small sample of the VOD channel’s featured content includes:

  • Marble Hornets – groundbreaking YouTube web series now in high definition with extras and deleted scenes, directed by Troy Wagner.
  • Be My Cat: A Film for Anne – the critically acclaimed found footage horror film from Romania, directed by Adrian Țofei.
  • Altar – a found footage horror film with breathtaking cinematography and great acting, directed by Matt Sconce.
  • Lunopolis – a found footage mockumentary about a cult that believes a community of time travelers is living on the dark side of the moon, directed by Matthew Avant.
  • Nightmare Code –  the first found footage film told entirely from the POV of an artificial intelligence, directed by Mark Netter.
  • The Triangle – the highly rated mockumentary with a compelling twist about a cult living in the New Mexico desert, directed by an ensemble cast.

Upcoming VOD Channel Content

POV Horror owns a growing number of unpublished new titles in their queue that will be added to the ROKU channel this fall. One such title is Encounters, a found footage alien invasion thriller from Denmark, directed by Anders Bukh. POV Horror co-founder Michael Steinberg adds, “Encounters has a great story and amazing visual effects that rival some of the best found footage films out there. We want to raise awareness of indie films such as Encounters. This is but one of many found footage films slated for our fall catalog that deserve to be seen by the world.”

Global Distribution

POV Horror has the global distribution rights to a sizable catalog of found footage films, many of which will be introduced the world for the first time. New titles include Be My Cat: A Film For Anne from Romania, the Raw trilogy and Basement from Germany, The Last Witch from Spain, and many others.

About POV Horror LLC

POV Horror co-founder Michael Steinberg is known in the horror industry as the owner of Found Footage Critic, the world’s largest found footage horror film database and co-host of the Found Footage Files podcast. He is also an attorney, licensed to practice law in New York State and has a graduate degree in computer science.

POV Horror co-founder, Michael McQuown is the owner of Wicked Horror, a world renowned horror film news and review website. Michael is also a formally trained filmmaker and director of the found footage film The Dark Tapes, released by Epic Pictures during summer 2017. Michael McQouwn adds,“We’re very confident in the potential of POV Horror. Both Michael and I devoted substantial personal resources to see this through. I also have decades of experience in the film distribution space and Internet marketing. Back in the 1990s, I personally owned and marketed over 600 Internet dating websites which I subsequently sold. Our cumulative experience is directly portable to POV Horror and will go a long way towards driving our success.”

When asked about the reason for launching a found footage film VOD channel, Michael Steinberg had this to say, “I started Found Footage Critic with one goal in mind, to bring all found footage films produced around the world under one roof for fans to read about, rate, discuss, and review. Our database includes over 650 found footage titles, and fans are constantly asking ‘where can I see this film or that.’ That’s when we conceived of the idea of offering the global fan community a single place to see as many found footage films as we could pull together. We encourage owners of feature length found footage films to reach out to us with titles they would like added to our catalog. We can offer non-exclusive distribution agreements for films that meet our criteria.”

Additional Information

For more information on POV Horror LLC visit To learn more about the Found Footage Film VOD Channel and how to subscribe, visit Connect with us on Facebook ( and Twitter (

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      • POV Horror is close to launching iOS and Android apps as well.

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