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#SittingAtHome (2020) – Found Footage TV Series Trailer

#SittingAtHome (2020) – Found Footage TV Series Trailer – Series Synopsis

While the whole world is singing songs from the balconies and having parties by video link, Gennady Borisovich, the owner of a chain of hardware stores in Podolsk, is trying to save his business. And his wife cannot (or does not want?

) Leave home with Bali. Former FSO colonel Seryoga Dergach dug in the country with a supply of alcohol and supplies conflicting data from his dubious informants, which causes fear in his colleagues. And Yulechka’s secretary is going for the last possible manicure in her life.

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She is very upset that her secret boyfriend self-isolated with his family.
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He connects to a video call with colleagues from the closet – the only place in the house where you can hide from your wife and children.

#SittingAtHome (2020) – Found Footage TV Series Trailer

  • #SittingAtHome (2020) is a found footage comedy series

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