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Unsolved Case Outflow Evidence Verification Record Vol.2 – Cursed Elevator (2009) – Found Footage Movie Trailer

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Follow-up records taken by the missing person to persuade the police. The footage, which police seemed to have forgotten to hire as formal evidence, contained the astonishing footage that the disappeared person recorded at the end of his life. The person who left this video record is a woman who got married after acquiring a man after an affair. However, the man soon disappeared. A woman suspected of rekindling with her ex-wife discovers them in a surveillance video of an elevator in the apartment where the man and ex-wife once lived, while chasing her ex-wife’s fate. However, the love scene with his ex-wife in the elevator surveillance video was his last sighting. The pursuit of the woman who turned into a stalker finally hits one fact that the man followed. The last shocking phenomenon that the woman experienced was recorded on the surveillance camera of the elevator.

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