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Raw Films

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Raw Series

Raw is a German-made found footage horror trilogy that was written and directed by Marcel Walz. The series follows the investigations into the legend of Grete Müller, a woman convicted of witchcraft in the 17th century who is said to haunt a forest in Germany.

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Raw 2: The Diary of Grete Müller (2014) [Das Tagebuch Der Grete Müller]

Raw  2 is the second installment in the German found footage Raw trilogy. Ivana, the only survivor of the tragedy that took place in the forest years earlier, is contacted by a TV production company to shoot a documentary journaling her version of the story about the legend of Grete Müller.

Raw 3: The Revelation of Grete Müller (2015) [Die Offenbarung Der Grete Müller]

Raw 3 is the third installment in the German found footage Raw trilogy. Linda searches for her sister Ivana. Together with her boyfriend Tom, she returns to the forest where the nightmare for her sister and many more people started.

Raw: The Curse of Grete Müller (2013) [Der Fluch der Grete Müller]

Three filmmakers spend the night in a haunted forest to shoot a documentary about the legend of Grete Müller, a woman convicted of witchcraft and burnt at the stake over 300 years ago. Coined as the "Blair Witch" of Germany, "Raw: The Curse of Grete Müller" is the first film in the Raw trilogy—a found footage film series from Germany.

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