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Houses October Built (2017) Hits Theaters and VOD on September 22!

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The Houses October Built 2 (2017) - Found Footage Films Movie Poster (Found Footage Horror Movies)Fans of The Houses October Built (2014) can plan on celebrating Halloween five weeks early this year. The minds behind the hit Halloween found footage film set a release date for the long-awaited sequel: The Houses October Built 2 (2017)The sequel will have a limited theatrical release and global VOD release on September 22, 2017!

The Houses October Built 2 (2017) is directed by Bobby Roe and written by Bobby Roe and Zack Andrews—the same team responsible for the first film.

Synopsis: Found footage film following the aftermath of five friends who were abducted on Halloween while traveled the country in search of the most extreme haunted-houses.In the sequel, the group recover from the trauma of last year’s Halloween and set out to find even more extreme haunts. On their quest, the five friends encounter signs of the infamous Blue Skeleton that tormented them the previous year.

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The Houses October Built 2 (2017) - Found Footage Films Movie Fanart (Found Footage Horror Movies)

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