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Movie Franchises

Found Footage Movie Series

The found footage genre consists of hundreds of feature films, shorts, and web series. Among the feature films are a sizable number of found footage film franchises. Some of these franchise such as Paranormal Activity and V/H/S are already in popular culture. Did you know there are over twenty found footage film franchises? We took on all of the heavy-lifting and grouped all of the found footage franchises! We made it easy for you to find not only the popular films, but also those hidden gems that you may have never heard of.

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Jennifer Films

Jennifer Series The Jennifer series is a quickly growing collection of found footage comedy/horror movies spawned from the mind of James Cullen Bressack. The first film in the series follows a man obsessed with his ex-girlfriend Jennifer. Subsequent films take the “Jennifer obsession” concept to whole new comedic and horrific levels. The Jennifer films are best seen rather than described here in words! James Cullen Bressack plays a character in each film and directed the first feature, To Jennif...[Read More]

Mermaids Films

Mermaids Series The Mermaids series is a product of Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. The series takes the form of mockumentaries presenting evidence that the fabeled mermaids are in fact real creatures. Reviews Mermaids: The Body Found (2012) – Written Review Click here to visit the movie franchise page!

Paranormal Activity Films

Paranormal Activity Series The Paranormal Activity Series is a collection of six films produced by Blumhouse and distributed through Paramount Pictures. The series was created by Oren Peli, who wrote and directed the first film. The Paranormal Series was instrumental in propelling the found footage genre into popular culture. Reviews Paranormal Activity (2007) – Written Review Paranormal Activity (2007) – Podcast Review (Episode 076) Paranormal Activity 2 (2010) – Written Revie...[Read More]

Paranormal Entity Films (UK Distribution)

Paranormal Entity Series The Paranormal Entity series is a collection of movies from Asylum that were rebranded under a new name (Paranormal Investigations) for distribution in the UK. The films are completely unrelated except for their common theme involving hauntings and possession. Paranormal Entity (2009) Paranormal Entity 2 (2010) [aka 8213: Gacy House (2010)] Paranormal Entity 3: The Exorcist Tapes (2011) [aka Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes (2011)] Paranormal Entity 4: The Awakening (2012) ...[Read More]

Paranormal Farm Films

Paranormal Farm Series The Paranormal Farm series is a found footage film series directed by Carl Medland. The films follow paranormal investigator Carl Medland on a remote farm and country house. The couple who own the farm put out an advert for a paranormal investigator after their daughter went missing in the woods. Since their daughter’s disappearance, nothing has been the same around the farm. What Carl captures is unsettling and truly terrifying. Click here to visit the movie franchi...[Read More]

Paranormal Investigations Films (Germany Distribution)

Paranormal Investigations Series The Paranormal Investigations series is a collection of movies from different studios and rebranded under a new name (Paranormal Investigations) for distribution in Germany. The films are completely unrelated except for their common theme involving hauntings and possession. Found Footage: Paranormal Investigations 2: Gacy House (2010) [aka 8213: Gacy House (2010)] Paranormal Investigations 3 (2009)  [aka Paranormal Entity (2009)] Paranormal Investigations 4: Sana...[Read More]

Paranormal Retreat Films

Paranormal Retreat Series The Paranormal Retreat Series is a collection of found footage films shot in the United States. The films follow a central Pennsylvania professional paranormal team who investigate haunted houses and properties. The series is directed by Jerry Burkhead and written by Jerry Burkhead and Madam Della. Click here to visit the movie franchise page!

Slaughterhouse Films

Slaughterhouse Series The Slaughterhouse Series is a collection of found footage films hearkening from Brazil and are written and directed by Carlos Junior. The films in the series follow groups of friends who find themselves captured and tortured by an unknown asailant. The Slaughterhouse films are in Portuguese language with English subtitles. Reviews Slaughterhouse (2012) – Written Review Click here to visit the movie franchise page!

The Ghost Footage Films

The Ghost Footage Series The Ghost Footage series follows main character Jason Greenwood who experiences paranormal activity in his apartment. Despite moving to a new apartment (in the sequel), the strange paranormal occurrances seem to have followed him to his new home. The Ghost Footage series was filmed in Canada and is the brainchild of Jason Day-Boisvert. Click here to visit the found footage film franchise page!

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